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The Most Frequent Online Scams


Report Scammers

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Why Preventing Online Frauds

The Golden TIPS


  • Disable Bot in your mails.

  • Use an Encrypted Email Service such ProtonMail , or Disable Script Running into your emails.

  • Be more aware and conscious of online scams.

  • If you find a company, software, phone numbers, an email or even a name suspicious, don't take a chance and search information on it.

  • Judge every Email received from a user that you don't know as potential scams

  • Never enter your Credit Card Details on a HTTP website, - HTTPS Protocol have been implemented mostly for protect Users when they are making purchased, but it is Protecting the whole Website, Data are encrypted and tunneled end to end, making it almost impossible to crack, if you scroll down at the bottom Left of the page you will see that Comodo's Certificate, include a warranty of 10 000$ | Transparency is a priority!




How did it Start?
Sense of Justice


I always have a passion to understand how the things work, there's effect on the matters, physical and chemical reaction also Debate on certain theory, I like Science, Physics, Psychology and Paradoxal Subject in general, but i have discovered that what i like the most, is to help people's and have a postive impact on there life!


Everything started in 2014 when my computer freeze and

a " Pop Up " appears saying that windows have detected intruders on my internet connection, please call Microsoft: (Non-Microsoft Numbers) with a big noise, I almost fall for it.., until I reach the person at the other side of that lines;


I listened to him and it was suspicious, so I questions him, and then he asks me to connect remotely to his computer  in order to fix my problems for 300$, and then I got A Moment of reflections..., And I hang up.., it was a good reaction to have, but I knew that wouln't have been everyone that would have reacted the same way.. I found that pathetic because all I had to do, was restarting my computer... 


I have look up for information on the number and I have found multiple reports of users complaining about this number, so I have decided to Start Exposing Scammers on YouTube to sensibilise, prevent and educate peoples to the reality of Online Scams.. That was in 2014, it turn in a hobby then a passions and now i am happy to share it with you in my Course's!


No one deserves this, unfortunately, those kind of scams are generally not covered by the Credit Insurence, and Laws cannot be enforced because of the weakness in the International Laws (Extradition Agreement) .


And this is why most of the Scammers are Based in India, plus there Prison Budget is too low for the number of peoples, so most of the prisoner only make half of there Sentences..


The best way to avoid being scam, is to learn about it!



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#1 | Phishing Emails




Fraudulent emails impersonate company and/or use manipulation technique trying to trick the intended victim into visiting a fraudulent website disguised to look like a valid eCommerce or banking site. The Victims think they are logging into there real account, but instead, everything they enter on the fake site is being sent to the scammers. Armed with this information, the scammer can wipe out the victim's accounts, run up their credit cards and even steal their identity.

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