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We believe that everyone should have the right to have a Peaceful online experience without any inconvenience or stress,

We Strive to offer you the best experience and satisfaction!



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Prefix: -

Owner: MRichard333#3663


Global Description:


MR3 is a Discord bot with Moderation and Entertaining command in continuous development with more upcoming commands!



Additional details:


Our missions is to prevent online frauds trough educations and teach computer science, so we probably gonna add a Cyber News feed that you will be able to enable or disable in some channel, this will add an interesting part to your Server if your users are interested by Computer Science and Cyber Security!



Commands overviews:



| About | Ban | BuyHosting | CSS | Clear | DiceRoll |

Invite | Kick | Ping | RandomFact | Unban | Warn | help



Feel free to suggest us any commands to add : )

Our Partners Bot

Our Partner bot's

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Multi Bot#1585

Prefix: m!

Owner: [MB] Jean#6932

Library: Discord.js

Global Description:

Multi Bot is a discord bot with:
Moderation, Security, Fun, Images and Music commands!

Multi bot have over 100 Commands and can replace many bots.

Additional details:

Fed up with having a server full of bots but each one has an important and essential function?

Multi Bot is the solution to all your problems!


All necessary moderation commands such as ban id, mute, warnings system ...


welcome-goodbye message, complete logs system, anti-insult ...


Useful commands such as serverinfo, userinfo, calc ...


Fun commands and games like lovecalc, bingo etc ...


Very cool image commands with your avatar : ps4, recaptcha ...


Listen to your favorite songs in high quality.