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Computer course MRichard333

This course aim the persons not used to computer who want to get started with the good base.


  I have decided to offer this course at a cheaper price as I  am concerned about people's online safety and privacy.

🗂️ - Learn to manage files permissions.

👥 - Users and admin account management.

📡 - Global concept of how internet work.

📩 - Create an email and forward messages.

👮 - Safe way to download and scan files.

👨‍💻 - Difference between various browsers.

🔐 - Learn the good behavior to have online.

🕵️ - Antivirus and software suggestion.

🛍️ - Learn to sell on Ebay & Amazon.

☝️ - Get answers to your basics questions.

📚 - Live Exam in screen share.

💎 - On Windows & Mac | English & French


⏰ DURATION: 2 - 4 Hours


Please note:

Our course's are availaible in English and French only.


Our Refund Policy:

100% Refundable until 15 Minutes of course consumed.

More courses coming soon!

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Computer Basic Course
MRichard333 Computer Science Courses
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Intermediate Course


👾 - Learn the essentials of risk management

🛡 - Learn to build strong default security rules

🌐 - Setup a privacy focused browser

🖥 - Installation of a Virtual Machine (VM)

🥋 - How to clear logs & metadata of pictures

🕵‍♀ - Avoid most of the VM detectors ( 2 way )

⚙️ - Learn proxy usage and the limits of a VM

🛠 - Software, programs and tools suggestions

🗃 - Learn to make a Live Bootable USB

🔮 - Learn to gather and report websites info

📟 - Introduction to the Terminal

☝️ - Get support while learning

📚 - Live Exam in Screen Share

💎 - On Windows & Mac | In English & French


⏰ DURATION: 4 - 6 Hours

After this course you will be able to protect your online privacy more efficiently and should be more confiant online.


If you are passionated by Computer Science

or Cyber Security, this course will give you the good base to get started!


Enter the Cyber-Zone.


Advanced Computer Course

Learn the Fundamentals of Computer sCience

Whether your knowledge in computer is basic or intermediate, acquire advanced skills by learning step by step in our courses segment's Including an exam to ensure your understanding !
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