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At MRichard333 We believe that everyone should have the right to have a

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Report Scammers

Learn & Protect yourself


This course aim the people's that are not used to computer and don't know where to start.


  Normally offered at 40$ , I have decided to offer this course at a cheaper price as I  am concerned about  online privacy.

🗂️ - Managing Files Permissions

👥 - Managing User/Admin Account

📡 - Internet 101 (Basic description)

📩 - Create an Email and Forward it

👮 - Securely download and scan a file

👨‍💻 - Which browser to use for certain task

🔐 - Good Behavior to have Online

🕵️ - Antivirus and Software Suggestion

🛍️ - How to sell something on Ebay & Amazon

💎 - Windows & Mac | English & French

☝️ - Answers to Basics Questions

📚 - Live Exam in screen share


⏰ DURATION: 2 - 4 Hours


This course aims the Average person


If you just have discovered that you have a passion for Computer Science or

Cyber Security, we are offering  a quality course for learning and get a better idea's of the Computer Science world!


Enter the Cyber-Zone!


👾 - How to test your security

🛡 - How to counter most of the Security Threats

🌐 - How to set up a Secure Browser

🖥 - How to Install a Virtual Machine (VM)

🥋 - How to set up a VM

🕵‍♀ - How To hide VM's trace ( 2 way )

⛑ - What are the limits of a VM

🛠 - Software, Programs and tools suggestions

🗃 - How to make a Live Bootable USB

🔮 - How to gather and report Website info

💎 - Windows & Mac

📟 - Terminal/CMD introduction

📚 - Live Exam in Screen Share


⏰ DURATION: 4 - 6 Hours


Advanced Computer Course

PayPal Accepted

NOTE: Course's are availaible in English and French Only

More Courses Comming Soon!


PayPal Accepted

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