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Privacy Policy

Last times edited: 09/10/23

 This page explains which data we: collect, share, why, how, and with which companies.


We use cookies and google analytics to provide you with a better online experience.

Your privacy is very important to us. Data are anonymized and local data are shredded on a regular basis.

By visiting our website you allow us to collect, proceed, and share Non-Uniquely Identifiable Data.


At MRichard333 we are Transparent & Honest.

Which data do we collect and why
  • IP address: For analytics, security purposes, and like 100% of the website to know where to send you the website.  Note: (You are free to use a VPN as a relay and block cookies if you want more privacy.)


  • Google Analytics: Collect the referral which is where you came from (example: using the Keyword "Fraud Prevention Guide"), your anonymized IP, the times you are spending on the website, which page you visit and may include other information but never Uniquely Personal Identifiable information will be sent to Google.


  • Google adsense: Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development, Store and/or access information on a device ; (You are free to block the trackers in your browser).


  • Email: By providing us your emails and opting-in you allow us to send you: Newsletter (blog articles, announcements, reports), Promotional (sales, deals, gifts, offers), Partnerships (business deals, partnership opportunities) Product/service (updates, new or removed) Market research (surveys, qual & quant research, feedback, ratings, and reviews)


  • Contacting us: By using this service, you provide explicit consent for MRichard333 to collect and process the personal data you submit and/or any other personal data that may be necessary to support helping you with your request(s).


  • MRichard333: By default we collect some local data (Awstats & Sitelock) in case of cyberattack and for analytics purposes. These data stay on our server and aren't shared with third-party. They will only be used to fight back at cybercrime.

Which third party have partial access to your data and why


The following format is (Company / Why / Which data are shared with them)



  • Google: For analytics and advertisement purpose, create a session which allows them to gather (anonymized) data when you are using our website, including (IP, Session data, page ID)


  • Gumroad: We use Gumroad to secure the transaction and content of our Digital Product, they have a warranty and prevent downloading our courses as they are streamed. They handle our transactions and offer a more convenient sale service experience that we can currently offer. (Email, IP, Transaction details,)


  • CookieYes: sets this cookie to remember users' consent preferences so that their preferences are respected on their subsequent visits to this site. It does not collect or store any personal information of the site visitors.


  • SiteLock: SiteLock sets this cookie to prevent denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.(Session id, IP)


How we use your data
  • Purchase: Cookies are required for purchase and online shopping.


  • Statistique: Learn what you expect from us and improve our website.


  • Service: Cookies from Chatra are used to save the chat from a page to another.


  • SiteLock: SiteLock sets this cookie to prevent denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.(Session id, IP)


  • Security: Comodo validates the SSL (https) every time to prevent cloned websites or DNS rerouting.


  • Affiliate program: Our Gumroad affiliate program use cookies to track the referral.


  • Loading Speed: Store the website cached assets on your device.


  • Service: Using third party services that enhance our website and your experience.

Local Data Storage

Password, Emails, and all your data stored on our server are strongly encrypted and stored in cold storage which can only be accessed from our server.


By using our services you agree to our Terms of service, GPDR declaration (Worldwide), Privacy policy and Cookies Policy.



Thank You for your comprehensions.


We believe that everyone should have the right to have a Peaceful online experience without any inconvenience or stress.


We strive to offer you the best experience and satisfaction!

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