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Cost of operation and investement

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Cost of operation

Server Cost


Namecheap hosting Stellar Business $108.88/year




Cost of operation

Third party software

Cookieyes 14$/month for GDPR compliance- maybe more for future expend but we will stay reasonable.


Cost of operation

Hiring Times


I have spended thousands of hours and dollars on MRichard333 but we might need to hire professional aswell.


Budget: 5000$+/Years


Advertisement: 150$+/month

This is how we can reach more people's and sensibilise them to cybercrimes and cybersecurity.


Professional Graphics for presentation:



This would be for doing school presentation and online courses on how to avoid falling for cybercrimes, our mission is to educate people's on the most common cybercrimes and this would be a great way to do it and reduce the amouth of future victims!


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Meet our community passionate by cybersecurity and discover hundreds of tools, programs, and applications to help you remain secure online!

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