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GDPR DEclaration

Last times edited: 22/11/2022
This page explain which data are: collected, shared, why, how, and with which companies.
At MRichard333 we are
Transparent & Honest.

Which data do we collect and why


  • IP address: For analytics, security purposes, and like 100% of the website to know where to send you the website.  Note: (You are free to use a VPN as a relay and block cookies if you want more privacy.)




  • Google Analytics: Collect the referral which is where you came from (example: using the Keyword "Fraud Prevention Guide"), your anonymized IP, the times you are spending on the website, which page you visit and may include other information but never Uniquely Personal Identifiable information will be sent to Google.



  • Email: By providing us your emails and opting-in you allow us to send you: Newsletter (blog articles, announcements, reports), Promotional (sales, deals, gifts, offers), Partnerships (business deals, partnership opportunities) Product/service (updates, new or removed) Market research (surveys, qual & quant research, feedback, ratings, and reviews)



  • Contacting us: By using this service, you provide explicit consent for MRichard333 to collect and process the personal data you submit and/or any other personal data that may be necessary to support helping you with your request(s).

 Which third-party have access to which datas





The following format is (Company / Why / Which datas are shared with them)




  • Google: For analytics purpose, create a session which allows them to gather (anonymized) data when you are using our website. (IP, Session data, Page ID)



  • Gumroad: We use Gumroad to secure the transaction and content of our Digital Product, they have a warranty and prevent downloading our courses as they are streamed. They handle our transactions and offer a more convenient sale service experience that we can currently offer. (Email, IP, Transaction details)



  • Chatra: Allow you to communicate instantly in live chat with us directly from our website. (IP, Session data, Email, messages)




  • MailChimp: This the mailing service that we use in order to have nice design and better service with the Newsletter notifications. (Emails, IP, session data).



  • HelloBar: This is the notification service that allows you to subscribe (or not) to our newsletter feed, including to receive our scam alerts through the email address provided after accepting the terms. (IP, Email, Google Analytics).

How we use your data

 Cookies & Trackers




  • Purchase: Cookies are required for purchase and online shopping.



  • Statistique: Learn what you expect from us and help more people to find a solution.



  • Service: Cookies from Chatra are used to save the chat from a page to another.



  • Security: Comodo validates the SSL (https) every time to avoid cloned websites or DNS rerouting.



  • Affiliate program: Our Gumroad affiliate program use cookies to track the referral.



  • Loading Speed: Store the website cached assets on your device



  • Service: Using the fancy Chatra Live Support Integration.





Local Data Storage



Password, Emails, and all your data stored on our server are strongly encrypted and stored in cold storage which can only be accessed from this server.





By using our services you agree to our Terms of service, GPDR declaration (Europe) and Privacy policy



Thank You for your comprehensions.

Rights Under The GDPR

If you are a resident who lives in a country that is part of the GDPR and is a natural person, you have the following rights:




  • Right of access: You have a right to access the personal data that we collect and process about you. Most of this data can be reviewed in your account panel and related products/services that you have purchased.



  • Right to rectification: If you want to correct or revise any of the data we retain on you may do by accessing your account and the information contained within it. This includes Whois information collected for domains that you have purchased.



  • Right to be forgotten: You have a right to request the permanent deletion of your data. However, please note that exercising this right may result in a suspension or discontinuation of services and is also governed by legal and/or contractual retention guidelines.   



  • Right of portability: We provide you with the ability to move any of your account data to a third party at any time.



  • Right to object: If you decide that you no longer wish to allow your data to be included in our analytics or for us to provide personalized (targeted) marketing content at any time, you may contact us to request the removal of this data. You may also achieve this by opting out of any marketing outreach that you previously agreed to either by choosing to unsubscribe in the related email or by making this selection within your account.  

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