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The 5G is the new Financial race to the moon

Boston Dynamics Robot

The Information and Technology (IT) Market is evaluated at around $4.8 Trillions USD.


Big company such Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google and similar ones are ready to pay the big price

or even help finance part of the project to have access to a such innovative technology.

This push the most advanced Technology Development company's to a rush, where the first

to develop the 5G will have a significant dominance on the Market.



Market Analyst Expert have estimated the 5G industry using the Compound Annual Grown Rates or (CAGR)

Taking in concideration thousands of factors, interest, and market experience.

They have estimated that the 5G infrastructure market would be valued at

$2.86 Billion USD in 2020 and it is further projected to reach $33.72 Billion USD by 2026.



Why 5G is Different from 4G?



4G use low frequency wave to transmits there signals, compared to the 3G it is simply faster, without entering into all the technical details.


The 5G will be a lot more faster, with an extremly low latency and the network should be a lot more reliable,

They achieve that with high frequency waves, which are requiring more powers, and have a more important reach, perhaps high frequancy waves have more touble's to go trough some surface, at the moment where I am writing this articles, we don't have 5G in Canada, but It will certainly came in America really soon.



Internet work using Binary code, every coding language are then converted in binary code (01010)

Which the computer can understand (0 = +5 Volts) (1 = +10 Volts).

Standard 3G and 4G can only process the one or the Zero at different times, but 5G will be able to

process the 0 and 1 at the same times allowing a better speed with a less lot caching!



On 4G we can download a 2h movie in about 6 Minutes, but on The 5G it is in about 3.5 Seconds.

5G is a big part of our technology advancement, it will allow us to have a connection

Fast and Reliable with a Low Latency.



This have a lot of potential expecially for the AI, Self Driving cars, Remotely Controlled Surgery and a lot more!

Everything that requires an Instant reponse will beneficiate it!



The China and U.S Battle to Control the World's Fastest Wireless Internet



Asia are currently winning the race but US have increased the price or the rare metals that is sold to Asia, they are required components and the most expensive part, used in the conception of wireless communication such cellphone and computer.



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Personally i just hope that it won't turn into the best Mass Surveillance machine ever made!