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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Victims of there popularity


Next Gen console Popularity




The new next-gen consoles have come out recently, including the Playstation 5 today (The 12 November 2020) and have been the victim of its own popularity, the online store selling it more specifically turn into a "server processing battle" some website where even unreachable at some point due to the incredible amounts of persons visiting the websites at the same times.

The Source, Gamestop, and even Walmart have been experimenting with a tremendous increase of traffics which has led to slower browsing experience and even complete inaccessibility to the website itself in some cases.



All the consoles have been sold before half of the day In Canada. In the United State, they have proceeded with a more structured strategy consisting of multiples resupplying waves at a different moments of the day to assure fairness for all.


Queued image



How to counter this flood of popularity




Flooded city



Queueing in real life vs online; A good company wants to offer good services to there customers, they can have a lot of space and multiple cashiers perhaps there is always a limit and that is similar for a website, they have the option to invest in renovation (development) in order to have more space and cashing machines, perhaps it took times, have a cost and the current situation is temporary, like 200 bus of awesome visitors. So a "Queueing system" is an easy and ideal solution to counter flooding.


Plus in exchange for your patience, most companies can afford to sell at a lower return on investment (ROI).







Where to buy a next-gen console




Please don’t buy the consoles pre-orders that some peoples are re-selling for thousands of dollars.., Be patient and you will have yours at a fair price.


Here's a list of Trusted sellers for the PS5 and Xbox Series X (No referral : )




Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with any of these companies.

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How to transfer your games from PS4 to PS5

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