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What to consider before starting Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

What is Bitcoin Mining

They exist many Crypto Currency Coins available for Mining, not only the Bitcoin, those are called "AltCoins", It is always a good start to see how the market have moved since the last information you got as it change every seconds, some coins pay a lot more some days, and other pay more other days, there's a lot of variation, and that is what making it hard to estimate your potential revenue.



When we are proceeding to what we call "Bitcoin Mining" The GPU are using there MHz powers to Create the Hash and process data of the Bitcoin User's transactions, this is a resource intensive task, while the Hashing process is happening, your GPU will most likely run at 99% but you always have the options of ajusting the Bitrate.


You are paid for every transaction hashed!




What are the requirement

Bitcoin Mining only require 5 things


1 - GPU Card

2 - Crypto Coin Wallet

3 - Mining Program

4 - Electricity

5 - Internet


Everyone can Mine, but not everyone can make Money.




Key Hashing require a lot of work for the GPU, the faster you can get it done and at cheaper cost, the higher your profits will be!

There are several types and models of GPU.

You might have already tought using an old computer to mine coins or just a GPU that you don't use, however the truth is that most of old GPU will consume more electricity and take more times to achieve something that a new one can do 80%+ better.

The technology evolve fast and the GPU too, there's GPU build specifically for Bitcoin Mining, those are generally the best regarding the ratio

{Times vs Electricity Consumption}.

Investing in new GPU's for mining is not really whort it, the price that they are paying and what they are asking for, have changed a lot in the precedent years.

With the good equipement, you can generate a great extra revenue, regularly!

What to Consider:

Pros & Cons

How to start Bitcoin Mining

They exist thousands of Programs and Platforms to mines, this article is aiming at offering you the informations to concider before starting mining!


Here is the simplest technic visually explained in the video below to start mining today!


very customisable, the program automatically change for the best paying rate coins available, you can also set your computer to start mining only when it is idle and a lot more, minimising the impact on your life!


The beauty of Computing!



How to estimate the

cost and profits

As the price of CryptoCoins are changing constantly like every stocks markets, we can only proceed to an Estimation.


However, those tools will give you the best overall ideas and will help you to calculate the cost in electricity and make an extrapolation of the statististics.




  • Wide range of tools to estimate and maximize your revenue | MyCryptoBuddy





I sincerely hope that this article have been helpful for you, you can also have a look at our Affiliate Program as an additional extra revenue!